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Servka is a Capital Project Management firm that offers a wide spectrum of services to the Oil & Gas and Renewable Industries:


Oil and Gas and Renewable Capital Project Management  &  Engineering Services

Servka is an Engineering firm that provides Capital Project Management & Engineering Services to the Oil and Gas and renewable industries. Servka’s leadership team consists of highly experienced project management professionals and engineers with over 25 years of proven experience with strong network of partners in the United States of America and around the globe


Local Content talents search, recruitment, and development services

Servka specializes in Local Content talents search, recruitment, and development for the Oil & Gas and renewable industries. Our dedicated leadership and staff have track record working for and with major oil and gas companies, both locally  and internationally. Our experience also provides us with a competitive advantage during the recruitment process. We source and provide our clients with talented workforce both for contract and direct positions  for a vast array of disciplines, including management, engineering, technician and administration. Our role spans beyond the recruitment, as we work closely with our clients to develop and implement a career development plan tailored to the client’s business needs as well as the employee’s aspiration.


Servka's Competitive Advantages

Proven Expertise/Experience in Capital Project Management Services & Local Content Planning, Sourcing and Development

Track Record in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Operations

Strong relationship with relevant Government ministries and agencies





  • Be the leading and most trusted  Engineering Company with Strong Local Content Capabilities and Strong Partners globally

  • Deliver excellence to our clients in the oil and gas and renewable sectors


Provide the most effective In-country support to our Clients in the following:

  • Capital Project Management Services

  • Conceptual and FEED engineering

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations and maintenance support

  • Technical Assistance Services

  • Manpower sourcing and development

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Asset Management


Play a key role in developing and implementing local content plans for our clients

Build the highest level of local human resources capability

Involve as much Local Content as possible in all aspects of our business

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